IceBerg Entertainments Tie Up With Adrian Pradhan

Iceberg Entertainments Pvt. Ltd. has been established with the aim of promoting Nepali Music, Movies, Sports and Adventure. Bringing forward a new album of the Adrian Pradhan, released in August 2011, is now suppo

rted by Iceberg Entertainments Pvt. Ltd. Adrian has already released three single albums namely Aaja, Ballads and Janani.

Adrian is a native of Darjeeling but has been working in Kathmandu since 1994. Being a popular band member of 1947 AD, Adrian is an expert on drums, guitar, piano and other instruments. He is also a music teacher by profession. In his upcoming album, Adrian has included songs focusing on the younger generation.

Iceberg Entertainments Pvt. Ltd. aims to promote culture, literature, music and sports by organizing various programs. Along with Adrian, Iceberg Entertainments Pvt. Ltd. is moving forward in accordance to its objective to promote Nepali musical culture. During the launch of Adrian’s album, Mr. Dhiraj Tuladhar, Asst. Manager-Brand & Business Development of Himalayan Brerewey Ltd., said, “We are proud to be associated with the promotion of Adrian Pradhan’s new album, Saath.” Similarly, Adrian Pradhan also thanked the company for supporting and promoting his latest album and said “This is my fourth album which I have brought forward for the Nepali pop music lovers. I hope that the our fans will love and encourage the album like they have done with my previous albums. Iceberg Entertainments Pvt. Ltd., by taking the promotion responsibility of the album, has given the management of Nepali music market a new height. This will certainly encourage people like us.”

The album ‘Saath’ is now available in the market.