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Commando Super Strong

Alcohol 6.5%, Commando Super Strong Beer is specially brewed with natural spring water for the connoisseurs of the strong beer, who want two in one pleasure, i.e. both of beer and slight a pleasure of being away from mundane world. This beer is brewed with a blend of Indian and Australian Malt, a combination of […]

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Kathmandu Premium Lager Beer

Alcohol 5.5%, Kathmandu Premium Beer is specially brewed with natural spring water from Godavari, Kunakhola spring. It has a unique flavor derived from the Australian and European malts plus the German & Czech, bohemian variety of Saaz hops. It has moderate alcohol percentage and is matured for more than two weeks to give a mellow […]

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IceBerg Extra Strong Beer

Alcohol 7.0%, Iceberg Extra Strong Beer is specially brewed for the pleasure of having inclination towards providing a little kick. The brew is aimed to produce to give high percentage of alcohol than common strong beers. This beer will certainly satisfy your taste buds as well as delight of having a pleasant kick. The beer […]

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