Commando Super Strong

Alcohol 6.5%, Commando Super Strong Beer is specially brewed with natural spring water for the connoisseurs of the strong beer, who want two in one pleasure, i.e. both of beer and slight a pleasure of being away from mundane world. This beer is brewed with a blend of Indian and Australian Malt, a combination of smoky plus malty flavor plus the German Hops. The beer has more alcohol than the normal beers. This is likely to cause a satisfaction after a few glasses. The beer is fermented with the choicest Danish yeast to give a smooth taste but a strong flavor. The beer is matured for minimum ten days after fermentation.

Parameters Units Commando Super Strong
Original gravity deg.P 13.5
Alcohol Percentage vol/vol. 6.5
pH 4.3
Carbon dioxide vol/vol. 2.75
Colour EBC 7.0
Bitterness IBU 18