IceBerg Beer

Alcohol 7.0%, Iceberg Extra Strong Beer is specially brewed for the pleasure of having inclination towards providing a little kick. The brew is aimed to produce to give high percentage of alcohol than common strong beers. This beer will certainly satisfy your taste buds as well as delight of having a pleasant kick. The beer is brewed with the blend of choicest Indian and Australian malt plus the best German Hops. Certainly, it has a super-strong character in terms of alcohol, bitterness and colour. The beer is brewed with the natural spring water of Kunakhola and is fermented with the German yeast. The beer is matured for minimum seven days after fermentation. The beer is a blend of strength and character.


Original gravity deg.P 14.5
Alcohol Percentage vol/vol. 7.0
pH 4.3
Carbon dioxide vol/vol. 2.75
Colour EBC 7.0
Bitterness IBU 20