Kathmandu Beer

Alcohol 5.5%, Kathmandu Premium Beer is specially brewed with natural spring water from Godavari, Kunakhola spring. It has a unique flavor derived from the Australian and European malts plus the German & Czech, bohemian variety of Saaz hops. It has moderate alcohol percentage and is matured for more than two weeks to give a mellow and smooth flavor. It has a smooth and clean taste and Danish character on account of the pure culture yeast imported from Denmark. It has the unique distinction of the first beer imported from Nepal to the United Kingdom.


Parameters Units Kathmandu Premium Lager
Original gravity deg.P 12.5
Alcohol Percentage vol/vol. 5.5
pH 4.3
Carbon dioxide vol/vol. 2.75
Colour EBC 6.0
Bitterness IBU 16

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